Our History

Ratcliffe & Brown Wines & Spirits Limited, formed by David Ratcliffe and Andrew Brown, is a specialist wine company, supplying the Airline and Travel Catering Industry.


David Ratcliffe, previously Product Development Manager for bottle producers United Closures and Plastics Ltd, pioneered the use of PET bottles for airline’s wines and spirits in the early 1980’s, developing and launching the 5cl spirit miniature range, 50cl spirit flasks and 1 litre flasks, all now recognised as industry standards. He then went on to successfully develop a range of PET wine bottles and in 1986, joined Universal Wines and Spirits Ltd. Ratcliffe left Universal in 1996 to join Andrew Brown at Heyman, Barwell Jones Ltd.


Andrew Brown worked with his father Val, in developing their wine business, Heyman Brothers Ltd., joining after studying all aspects of vinification at wineries in Bordeaux, Burgundy and California, before taking on the responsibility of organising the company’s sales and administration departments, becoming Sales Director in 1990. Andrew & Val Brown were instrumental in the buy out of Ipswich based Barwell & Jones from the Brent Walker Group  and the two companies were merged in 1994. The newly named Heyman, Barwell Jones Ltd. became a leading independent wine merchant with customers amongst the elite hotel and restaurant chains in London and the South of England. Andrew left in 1998 to manage a group of  London restaurants and form his own successful wine agency before deciding to renew his business relationship with David Ratcliffe in December 1999 to focus solely on supplying the travel sector. David Ratcliffe retired in January 2012 selling his shares to Andrew Brown who is now sole owner of the company.


Ratcliffe & Brown Wines and Spirits Ltd has established strong relationships with many of the world’s leading wine producers over the past years and has negociated exclusive rights to the UK Travel Catering market with many of them. 


The logistics of supplying airlines, ferries, airports and trains, is a very specialist business requiring knowledge and skills in many areas.  Ratcliffe & Brown, with a combined experience in the wine trade exceeding 40 years, have the contacts and backing of major players within the industry and have demonstrated their prowess in this field over the past two decades.


What do we do?


Ratcliffe & Brown exists to provide a service to airlines, railways and travel catering companies that very few others can match. We are first and foremost wine merchants with a great depth of knowledge of wines at all levels, who specialise in meeting the unique demands of the travel catering industry. Recognised as leaders in the promotion and innovation of PET and being first to market with multi-layer PET 18.7cl bottles, 75cl and 100cl bottles.


We aim to source and provide a selection of the finest wines available at the price points required, in the most suitable packaging for the purpose and deliver wherever required, on time.


We source our wines from some of the World’s best producers and are constantly looking to improve and refine our offering.


Product development of new and exciting wines and spirits, package design and materials is ongoing and is the vital spark which keeps us moving forward. 


Our customer base includes the majority of the UK’s airlines and rail companies, also Middle Eastern and European airlines. 



Ratcliffe & Brown Wines and Spirits Ltd are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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